Contoh Soal UKG Bahasa Inggris SMP

Contoh Soal UKG Bahasa Inggris SMP, setelah tadi saya berikan contoh Soal ukg SD kini saya juga akan memberikan sedikit contoh soal ukg SPM untuk mata pelajaran Bahasa Inggris, sebagai bahan persiapan untuk menghadapi ukg online 2012 yang sesunggunya nantinya,

Berikut ini contoh soal UKG online Bhasa Inggris SMP

  1. Ali and Ani had a vacation. They went to Prapat. They wanted to visit Hadi's family.
    Mr. Anwar, Ali and Ani's father, went together with them. They went there by bus.
    They left Medan at six o'clock in the morning and arrived in Prapat at nine. Edi and
    Tati were waiting for them at the bus station.

    What is the main idea of the paragraph above?

    A.Ali and Ani's vacation.
    B.The Hadi family wanted to visit Prapat.
    C.The Anwar family went to Prapat to visit the Hadi's.
    D.Edi and Tati were waiting for them at the bus station.
  2. Shopkeeper : So, are you going to buy this gas stove?
    Customer : Yes, but ______.
    Shopkeeper : Please don’t worry about it. I believe that it will satisfy you. It has a three – year

    A.I’m certain the quality is good
    B.there ‘s no doubt about the quality
    C.I’m not sure about the quality
    D.I can’t decide if it is good
  3. Gambar soal

    Which statements is not true of the Bridge Run?

    A.Seven groups are involved in the Bridge Run.
    B.The Run will start from Kem Tentera in Jalan Sulatan Azlan Shah.
    C.Groups F and G have to run further than all the other groups.
    D.The finishing point of the Bridge Run is at University Sains Malaysia.
  4. Andi : We can spend the night at a hotel.
    Bakri : Yeah, but to stay at a hotel needs much money, ______?
    Andi : That’s right.
    Bakri : And we don’t have enough for it.

    A.don't you
    B.doesn't it
    C.won't it
    D.isn't it
  5. Alice : Your country is really beautiful.
    Tina : Yeah, it is, but I bet your country is beautiful, too.
    I’d like to visit you in Sydney. It’s my dream.
    Alice : You can come any time you like.
    Tina : By the way, ______ is Australia from here ?
    Alice : It’s about 20.000 kilometers. long far high old
  6. Teacher : Who’s absent today, children?
    Jihan : Umar, Sir. He’s sick. His mother ______ him to the clinic yesterday.
    Teacher : I see.

    A.will take
    B.has taken
  7. electronic

    1. Indicator Light 3. Water Inlet
    2. Temperature Control 4. Water Outlet

    What should you adjust to make the water hotter?

    A.Water Inlet.
    B.Water Outlet.
    C.Indicator Light.
    D.Temperature Control.
  8. The Animal has four legs. It has very thick skin. The colour of the skin is gray and it has
    one or two horns on its nose. The animal goes to picture ....

    A.image a
    B.Image b
    C.Image C
    D.Image D
  9. Mr. Hasan : Would you get met a cup of tea, please?
    Housemaid : I am sorry, sir. ... no tea left. We have only coffee.

    A.There is
    B.There isn’t
    C.There are
    D.There aren't
  10. Rhinoceros is protected; Jalak Bali is protected.
    We can also say ______.

    A.Rhinoceros is protected, and neither is Jalak Bali
    B.Rhinoceros is protected, and Jalak Bali is too
    C.Rhinoceros is protected, and so was Jalak Bali
    D.Rhinoceros is protected, and Jalak Bali isn’t either
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